A different kind of stuffed peppers


Some days ago, I made this beef soup, from bones, meat and vegetables. This time, by “vegetables” I mean parsnip, carrots, parsley, celery and fennel. After the vegetables finished doing their part, I thought I could get something more out of them. As I already had some Spanish peppers, small and sweet, I came up with the idea of preparing peppers stuffed with something different than usual, boiled slowly in a sauce made from the vegetables taken out from the soup.
So, I put all the vegetables in a blender (I realized that Vitamix works just fine with both hot and cold ingredients), I added some (sweet) pepper paste and three ladles of soup, a little bit of pepper and a bit of speed.


I put the sauce that resulted on low heat, with a few bolete slices, well dried.


I washed the peppers, dried them with a paper towel and put them on the stove in a skillet with a few drops of olive oil.


I fried them on all sides, but not too much, keeping them from softening. I just wanted them to get a subtle roasted pepper flavor. After removing them from the skillet, I cleaned them with another paper towel.


For the stuffing, I used chorizo (I removed the skin), duck breast pastrami, a bit of goat cheese and a few slices of eggplant which had been grilled and kept in oil.


I chopped them all with a knife and I mixed them with two tablespoons of rice and a bit of dill.


I stuffed the peppers.
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Then I put the peppers in the sauce. I let them boil slowly for over half an hour.

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They weren’t bad at all.

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To be honest, they were very good.


Stay healthy!

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Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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