Broth and vegetables with Chinese noodles


I “fished” some Chinese noodles from Lidl (there is one in my neighborhood) the other day. I put them to work, meaning I boiled them (they weren’t made with rice, but with wheat) for three minutes in water with a bit of salt, then I paired them with some vegetables and three ladles of broth, as follows:

legume si taietei (1)By “vegetables” I mean:

legume si taietei (2)


I cut the red onion, the courgette and the hot pepper and I sautéed them in a skillet with a little oil.

legume si taietei (5)

I strained the noodles from water.

legume si taietei (6)I cut the onion and the kapia pepper.

legume si taietei (8)I poured a ladle of bone broth over the vegetables in the skillet.

legume si taietei (9)Am condimentat cu piper Szechuan.

legume si taietei (10)I placed the noodles in a pan, together with three tablespoons of soy sauce. I stirred well and I turned of the stove.

legume si taietei (11)I set aside some noodles, chopped green onion, a bit of hot pepper and some kapia pepper for the soup I already had made (I always have soup in the house). Basically, I made two dishes from the same ingredients.

legume si taietei (12)

legume si taietei (17)

legume si taietei (22)That’s it for today. Stay healthy.

legume si taietei (24)


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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