Sour cherry and cocoa cake


Darlings, things happened this way:

cake by ralu 01

I broke the eggs (I admit, I did that), five of them.
cake by ralu 02

I counted five tablespoons of sugar. Still me. I counted five tablespoons of flour and mixed them with a pack of baking powder. This is where my contribution ended. Well no, I also buttered the tray, but it doesn’t count.

cake by ralu 03

I removed the pits from the sour cherries (which were from a compote, which is normal for this time of year).
cake by ralu 04I mixed the eggs with the sugar until I obtained a cream.
cake by ralu 09In it, I added the flour which I mixed with three tablespoons of cocoa.
cake by ralu 11I poured the mix in the tray that had been buttered and powdered with flour.
cake by ralu 12I sprinkled the sour cherries and I put the tray into the oven. I pre-heated the oven and set the temperature at approximately 180 degrees Celsius (for gas ovens, that is a bit over medium). I let the cake bake for half an hour. I tested it with a toothpick to see if it’s done (if you notice it’s already baked on the outside but the inside isn’t done, cover it with aluminum foil).
cake by ralu 13After taking it out of the oven, I poured the liquid of the sour cherry compote over it.
cake by ralu 19Last night I had guests. I served cake and next to each slice, on the plate, I put vanilla ice cream.
cake by ralu 24As you can see, this is piece of cake.
cake by ralu 25Stay healthy.
cake by ralu 26


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Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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