The best potato stew


The other day I made potato popricaș (traditional Hungarian stew). In order to eliminate the confusion, it’s called popricaș because I added a lot of paprika. That being said, the dish that I will show you today is a potato stew, the best potato stew I’ve made so far. It’s not the best I’ve ever eaten, my grandmother used to make some stews that I can’t come close to. But I am trying.

tocana de cartofi

Let me tell you the story: I cut into slices 80-100 grams of raw, smoked ham. I put a teaspoon of pork lard in a skillet and I browned the ham in the molten lard. I took put the ham on a plate and replaced it with two diced medium-sized onions and a smashed garlic clove.
tocană de cartofi

In two-three minutes, the onion began to be glassy. I put over it the potatoes (a bit over half a kilogram), peeled and cut into small cubes. I stirred the contents of the skillet for about ten minutes, then I added a cup of warm water over the potatoes. I let it boil slowly for five-six minutes and I sprinkled two tablespoons of smoked paprika and a pinch of hot paprika.
I also added two tablespoons of tomato passata. I stirred and I let it boil for another five minutes.

tocană de cartofi

Am condimentat cu sare și piper, am pus șunca la loc în tigaie și am stins focul. Apoi am mâncat. Să fiți sănătoși.

tocană de cartofi

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Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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