I’m going to London to carry the Olympic Torch. Alright?


How about making this the first post in which I publish a press release? I haven’t done it before, so I might as well do it now, because it also involves me. To sum up, Samsung had a campaign called “Pasiuni care schimbă vieți” (life-changing passions). Ana Cioltos, a Mrs. or Ms. who reads my blog thought that I deserve to be nominated there, on eroilocali.ro. I was subjected to vote, together with other 20 Romanians. After the vote, there were five of us left. Months have passed and spring came, respectively the day I received the good news: Hădean, you’re going to London to carry the Olympic Torch. 300 meters. Probably the most important run of my life (except those included in the “run for your life” category) after running while carrying my wife in my arms to the maternity hospital (or something). Now, the press release and a tone of thank you to those who spread the news, to my pals in the press who contacted me today and to my friends/family who called to congratulate me. I also thank you for being so many and awesome around me :)



Samsung rewards the Olympic spirit from the local community with five torch-bearer in the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in London 2012

Samsung Electronics Ltd, a global leader in the electronics industry and Official and presenting partner of the Olympic Torch Relay in London 2012, has revealed today the names of the Romanians who will carry the Olympic Torch. Samsung is planning to encourage everyone to celebrate the Olympic Torch Relay in 2012, in London, and to transform the 2012 London event into “Everyone’s Olympic Games”. In this fashion, Samsung wants to offer new and memorable experiences to the public everywhere.

Samsung therefore selected people who made a significant contribution to the community they are part of outside the hosting country, to carry the Olympic Torch on the Olympic Torch Relay in London 2012. All the bearers of the Olympic Torch in London 2012 were chosen as a way of acknowledging their contribution to the community and their Olympic spirit.

The Romanian bearers of the Olympic Torch selected by Samsung in the nominating campaign “Pasiuni care schimbă vieți”/ “Life-changing passions” on the official website of the campaign (www.eroilocali.ro) are Bogdan Cismariu, Adrian Hădean, Marius Radu, Cristina Bogdan and Cătălin Stelian. The passions of the five nominees have inspired people through their important contribution to their local communities, succeeding in making a difference for community members.

Bogdan runs a guide school and teaches enthusiasts how to discover nature and mountains. Through his passion, Bogdan is offering people the chance to put this passion into practice and also he contributes to improving Romanian tourism.

Adrian coordinates a nutrition program for kindergarten children and through his passion for culinary art, he managed to improve the eating behavior of many children, in an environment dominated by fast food and artificial foods.

Marius works as a volunteer with young people passionate by IT. Among the projects he coordinates, there’s an educational program with the purpose of educating children with regard to the benefits and the risks of electronic games. Marius visits schools and informs children on the dangers of electronic game addiction and, at the same time, he is offering solutions to avoid becoming addicted, showing them how to have a successful career in IT. This way, Marius helps children avoid the risk of destroying their lives with this type of addiction.
Cristina Bogdan is one of the few teachers involved in volunteering. She coordinates a thoroughly researched anthropology program that led to unique discoveries in this field.
Besides his indisputable talent, Cătălin goes to great lengths to convince people invest in the Romanian theater. He often acts pro bono and he is one of the few people who try to give theater a chance and prevent this art from disappearing.

I am very happy to be one of the Olympic Torch bearers in the London 2012 Olympic Games. I am excited because it will my first time participating in this sort of activity. I never expected to see the Olympic Torch in real life, much less to have the honor of carrying it. I watch the Olympic Games every since I was little and I have always imagined what it would be like to hold the symbol of a world phenomenon followed by the entire planet. I am very happy for the occasion to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay this summer. Thank you, Samsung, for giving me this opportunity. Going to the Olympic Games is one of the greatest surprises I’ve ever had”, declared Cătălina Seitan, one of the 2012 London Olympic Torch bearers for Romania, thanks to Samsung.

Through Everyone’s Olympic Games, the Samsung campaign for London 2012, we plan on bringing the fascinating Olympic Games experience to every Romanian’s home and we are happy to find admirable people from the local community to carry the Olympic Torch and share the Olympic spirit”, declared the Samsung Electronics Romania Marketing Director, Mihaela Stănoiu.

The 70-day trip or the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will start on Saturday, May the 19th, and it will go through several cultural areas. By visiting 1000 cities and provinces along the 8000-mile route, the Olympic Torch has the purpose of delighting the British public and to mark the official start of the London 2012 Olympic Games by the famous arrival at the Olympic Stadium, on July the 27th.

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