Fried eggs – from omelette to “papară”


Today, my high speed internet service, which I pay for regularly and what the provider asked me (I mean I didn’t negotiate, like in the market place), is slower than in Asia, slower than in the countryside in Libya. I can only hope I will be able to upload the photos for this post before having to leave the house. Today’s post is a dare to be playful, or, if you want, a way of learning from each other. I’m extremely curious about the names given in our country to fried eggs (other than poached), whisked in advance or not, mixed in the bowl or directly in the skillet, with or without cheese, with cured pork fat, bacon or just with dill, with onions or leeks, with salt and pepper, with…oh, they can be with a lot of things. So, omelette, “papară”, “păpăraie”, scrambled eggs – from here on you can keep adding, and if you know the differences between omelette and “papară” (for example), write it too. As a “punishment” for your effort, I give you some photos, perhaps they’ll inspire you for breakfast or a noon snack. Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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