Orange juice ribs


The other day, I entered the market place thinking I would buy radishes, ramson, cheese, perhaps some green leaves to add to a salad. However, fate led me next to a butcher shop window. In the window, some awesome ribs, with a thickness that was just right, no fat on the outside, just a bit of fat on the inside. They practically begged me to take them with me. Which is what I did. I had oranges at home. My first thought was to marinate the ribs for one hour or two in orange juice, but things evolved on their own and I didn’t have to. I put the ribs in the tray to photograph them, but they had such a great time in there that I didn’t take them out until the end. I squeezed orange juice over them…

…I made a paste from paper, anise, coarse salt and honey…

…I thinned the paste with orange juice…

…and I brushed it on the meat.

I heated the oven at 200 degrees Celsius (I’m using my griddle as an oven) and I put the tray wrapped in aluminum foil in it. I left it there for an hour, reducing the temperature at 180 degrees after the first ten minutes.

I then removed the ribs and kept them on the hot grill, so they form a crust. Five-six minutes.

During this time, I made the salad (ramson, green onions, fresh cheese, radishes, cucumber, marinated mushrooms).

The ribs turned out really tender and flavored, and the fact that I let the rest for ten minutes before cutting them was of big help, all the juices in the meat returning to their place.

I bet some of you are wondering: what does he mean…marinated mushrooms? Simple: the champignon mushrooms are washed under a jet of water and are finely sliced, then mixed with balsamic vinegar (one part), olive oil (two parts), salt and pepper. Leave them for a quarter of an hour and they’re marinated and tasty.

That’s it, I kind of stretched the story.

Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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