Alioli – barbecue sauce


Alioli, allioli, ali oli, aioli – there are many ways of spelling it, even more ways of reading it, depending on the region. It’s a typical sauce for the Mediterranean region of Europe and it’s similar to a garlic sauce. The basic recipe is simple, but it has many modifications and varieties, depending on the cook’s taste or the preference of the consumer. I make many varieties and I like all of them. The sauce is a good accompaniment of potatoes, fried chicken, any kind of barbecue and even “mici”. It goes well with pumpkin, with boiled or ender-roasted corn on the cob, with grilles vegetables (asparagus with alioli is almost an erotic dream). The story begins with garlic. Skinned, cut into not too large pieces. Over it, coarse salt and aromatic leaves (parsley, basil, mint or cilantro), which are a good match, but which are optional.

Oil is important. The most suitable one is the extra virgin, olive oil one. Extra virgin sunflower seed oil is also alright.

In a mortar, the ingredients are transformed into a paste with the consistency of mayonnaise. It’s a rather heavy paste, which is why moderation is recommended.

Sour cream or yogurt tame the taste but don’t make the paste any lighter.

The alioli sauce offers not only an intense garlic flavor, but also substantial benefits for the immune system. Therefore, it’s a medicine. Therefore, moderation is again recommended :) . Stay healthy!


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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