How to make vanilla sugar


The other day I went over the chapter with the search statistics of my blog. Tens of people are (still) searching porno midgets, relations and sex positions. I’m not going to judge them nor am I going to comment now. Many other have searched food recipes, reviews on restaurants or accommodation and one of them, only one, has searched information on how to make vanilla sugar. In case he will ever come by again, today I will post an idea, a trick that anyone can use effortlessly. I will skip the part with sugar extraction and the history of the vanilla pod, assuming you can find sugar and vanilla in any store.

The vanilla pod


I split the vanilla pod.


I buried the pod in sugar (one kilogram).
I covered the sugar. In a few hours, I will have vanilla sugar. A strong flavor, completely natural, without E numbers or synthetic substances. If I store the sugar in a dry place (the vanilla pod can remain buried in it), I can use it for a very long time, months in a row.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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