(Fairly) interesting barbecues


These barbecues were made on Sunday, in the shade of a walnut tree. You won’t see the walnut tree in the photos, but the shade is there :). In the fridge, I found some chops and some three-four pieces of scruff. I didn’t want to meet the classic style again, so I explored another option. Meaning this:
In a mortar, I added salt, peppercorn, pimento and a teaspoon of powdered garlic (I don’t usually use it but I happened to come across it).

Over them, I grated the skin of a lime and I grinded all of them until I obtained a powder with intense and fresh flavors.

I dipped the meat through this mix, I let it for two hours in the fridge and after tens of minutes at room temperature, I placed it on the grill.

Five minutes on each side.

By the time the meat was grilled (or just before, I don’t know exactly), on the table appeared a tome of traditional Romanian pies (plăcinte codrenești) written with alfalfa, green onions and other greens. Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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