Quick (and tasty) breakfast


“Run” is the word that defines my latest days and I don’t think things will change any time before June 12. That’s not bad, on the contrary. The only thing is that I’m not very efficient when it comes to cooking/photographing/ posting as I would have liked. However, since you’re so dear to e, I won’t leave you without recipes or culinary stories, because you’re not to blame for my busy life. Today’s recipe is not culinary wonder, but it deals with hunger and it resolves rather quickly and nice the issue of the breakfast. I’ve done this before and I’m starting to enjoy it. This is what came out after doing the following: I pus three thin slices of bacon into my cast iron skillet (you can use whatever skillet/pan you have, don’t run to the store just for this). I let them sizzle and I added three thin slices of bread next to them. Olive bread fits perfectly here. When I saw the bacon was browned, I poured over it and over the bread three well whisked eggs. I dusted it with salt and pepper and covered the skillet with a lid. After two minutes, I removed the lid and I turned off the stove. The result was the wonder you see below, which I complemented with cherry tomatoes and green salad, drizzled with balsamic vinegar reduction. Stay healthy.

And another thing: thank you so much for your votes. I decided that if the apple is the winner, I will not go together a reader at the National Fruit Day party, but I will send another reader in my place, so there will be two of you. I believe it’s nicer this way. But about this, we’ll talk when the time is right.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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