I’m hungry for omelette


As a child (when I was 3, more precisely) I didn’t know the significance or even the existence of the word “craving”. That wasn’t a problem, I knew very well the significance of the word “hungry|, which I used whenever I needed to, no worries. And I was hungry for cherries, hungry for bread with lard and tomatoes, hungry for ice cream, hungry for meat or for eggplant salad. Today I’m hungry for omelette. So I’m planning a technical experiment. That involves putting a few slices of bacon into a non-stick skillet, no oil, and letting them gently brown on one side, turning them to the other sire and adding over them some well whisked eggs, dusted with salt and pepper.
What could get out of this?
I didn’t turn the omelette, I just folded it after a minute in the skillet, including the slices of bacon that were held captive in the egg.

I so like this browning!

Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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