Refreshing dessert with whipped cream and strawberries


I had guests over yesterday, we barbecued, we told some beers and afterwards, when everything was settled, we dared to eat a refreshing, slightly acidic (it cleans the palate quite well and prepares you for a bottle of wine, if you still have room for that) dessert, very fragranced and extremely simple to make. It was so simple that you wouldn’t even think of that. But instead of confusing you with words, how about I show you how and what?
400 grams of ordinary sour cream. Meaning that I’m not referring to the cream for whipped cream I keep mentioning, but the absolutely normal cream that you can find almost anywhere.

capsuni cu frisca 01Five tablespoons of sugar.

capsuni cu frisca 02

About 600 grams of strawberries.

capsuni cu frisca 03

I whipped the sour cream with the sugar for 4-5 minutes, until all the sugar crystals were dissolved. I obtained a not too thick, but very creamy whipped cream, with a sweet and slightly sour taste, the taste of any whipped cream before 1989, a taste of childhood and of careless joy. I keep asking myself I haven’t made this in the recent years (I think the last time I made whipped cream from sour cream was in 1999 and I used it to cover a crepe cake).

capsuni cu frisca 05

All I have to do now is combine the fruit and the whipped cream.

capsuni cu frisca 06

If you want to give this a touch of “grown-up dessert”, keep the strawberries in sparkling wine with ice for about a quarter of an hour. If children are eating, don’t use the wine.

capsuni cu frisca 07Stay healthy.
capsuni cu frisca 10


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