Tikka masala meatballs


Jamie Oliver says we should buy kaorma or tikka paste instead of the ready made sauces. The problem is the paste is very hard to find and if you do find it, it’s awfully expensive. I took a closer look at the label of the tikka sauce from the supermarket and I realized it’s alright (I mean it doesn’t contain weird ingredients). I bought a jar yesterday and I prepared some meatballs with tikka masala sauce, following the recipe below:
First, I put a teaspoon of coriander, a teaspoon of sweet curry, one of sweet paprika, a few peppercorns and salt and a few dried oregano leaves from the pot on the window case in a mortar. I mixed them thoroughly.

chiftele tikka (1)

I put the spices over the pork meat (600 grams).

chiftele tikka (2)

I kneaded the meat very well.
chiftele tikka (3)

I formed 16 meatballs, no egg, no bread crumbs. I browned them. If you don’t brown them they’re not tasty.

chiftele tikka (4)

Over them I poured a cup of tomato passata and the tikka sauce. The sauce would have been enough, but we have nephews visiting so I diluted it a bit, avoiding a too intense sauce and trying to make it to the liking of the little ones (which is what happened). I also added a cup of warm water.

chiftele tikka (5)

I boiled the meatballs in the sauce for 20 minutes.
chiftele tikka (6)

We ate them with rice.
chiftele tikka (7)It wasn’t bad. And if you think the photos are..meh, you should know I didn’t grab the camera from the bag with all the children running around me and I took photos with the phone.

chiftele tikka (8)Stay healthy.
chiftele tikka (9)


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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