What’s your relationship with breakfast?



Until four years ago, breakfast meant for me coffee with a garnish of two cigarettes. This deadly combination with 100% Arabica kept me full until lunch time. Then, in a wonderful April Saturday, I decided to start eating. Since then, there were very few mornings in which I didn’t eat at least a slice of wholegrain bread with my first coffee.
Since I’ve been doing this, my life has improved and breakfast has become a dear friend. We see each other almost daily for coffee. I appreciate it while it gives me positive energy. We have a perfect relationship. How’s yours? All summer long, I use the backyard grill heavily. This is the case now. I heated a tray and broke a few eggs over it.

I toasted a few slices of bread.

I grated parmesan over the eggs, while they were still in the hot tray.

Over the toasted bread I added tomatoes mixed with extra virgin olive oil, salt and basil.

The day can now begin. Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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