Some peasants are returning to the international open air cooking champions


Between September 10th and the 12th in Cluj, in the parking lot of Polus Center, there will be a new edition of the international open air cooking championship. We participated last year. The team was called “Niște țărani”/“Some peasants”. The name remains the same this year, but there are a few small changes regarding the members, meaning we have 4 new extra members. You’ll meet them if you come see us on Saturday, after 9 in the morning. You’ll get to know all of us and we think that you’ll enjoy the culinary show we have prepared for you. Just as the last year, there is a theme. As opposed to last year, we have a different theme. We go there to have fun, to entertain you as much as we can, to show you spectacular foods and to make you crave for stuff. Until then, you can look as some photos from last year, to refresh your memory. Stay healthy.

Marcel Lucă Zsolt Me
Some Peasants


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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