Lamb stew


“The food for the personnel” is food cooked in restaurant, catering or campaign kitchens to feed the ones who are cooking. It rarely has anything to do with the menu of that particular day, but almost every time it’s so delicious you feel the urge to include it in the menu. It’s a simple, easy to make food (ain’t nobody got time for that), usually made in one pot, from the start to the end. At the last meal I cooked, I also took care of the food for the personnel. I made lamb stew. I peeled and cut the vegetables: carrots, leeks, green onions, celery.


I cut the meat (rump) into large pieces.


I decided to add some peppers to the story.


I added to the pot some garlic, tarragon, thyme, salt, pepper and paprika. Obviously, the meat.


I also added two tablespoons of olive oil. Then a lid over the pot and the pot on low heat.

ulei de măsline
After an hour, I put a jar of yogurt over the contents of the pot. I stirred well and placed the lid back on.


 After another half an hour, I removed the lid and let the stew to reduce.


It was good with polenta. It was good without the polenta, too.

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