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I became friends with breakfast only eight years ago (nearly eight), after I gave up smoking. We’re still on good terms, although we rarely see each other first thing in the morning. Breakfast keeps showing up in my life after an hour and a half, maybe two, after waking up. I think it’s better this way. By the way, I don’t even drink coffee in the morning, I no longer need it to shake off the sleep. I have some during the day, but the times when I used to drink six cups in one day are long gone. At last, allow me to return to breakfast. Today I want to give you four ideas that you can improve on as you like. Some of them may produce tasty things that will wipe some of the boredom that sometimes accompanies monotony.

Pancetta well browned in a skillet or in the over, between two sheets of parchment paper. One egg, a cheese muffin or a salted cake made after the same recipe, but in a different form.

mic dejun

Smoked salmon, pesto you made (it’s not mandatory to follow an authentic Italian recipe, you have the freedom to play – use parsley or basil, smash the leaves into a mortar, combine them with olive oil, walnuts or sunflower seeds, salt, perhaps a bit of lemon juice).


I you don’t enjoy fish, you can choose jambon, prosciutto or raw dried Romanian ham. This time, you can add to the pesto grated Parmesan or maturated goat cheese. You can make the bread yourselves, one day ahead. It’s relatively simple. And it can be very satisfying.


If you’re in a hurry, a combination of goat cheese, olive oil, za’atar and basil flavored oil (mix in the blender a bit of oil with a few leaves of basil) is an escape.
brânza de capră


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