Grandchildren for Christmas


Cristian Gog is the one who came up with the idea. Of doing something nice and good. Of helping some people who don’t receive much help from other people. Then Raluca said it would be nice to help some seniors. Some of them have grandchildren, others don’t. And it would be nice to be their grandchildren now, on Christmas. I really liked the ideas so I’m in. We’re trying to make you participate as well. If you’re bloggers in Cluj (not only in Cluj, there are bloggers in Timișoara, for instance, who have plenty of readers in Cluj), take this message and use the hashtag #nepotidecraciun on Twitter. If you’re not a blogger but you are in Cluj on Wednesday, December 22nd, come to Polus Center at 7 p.m. in the food court area, to watch small demonstrations put together by Cristian and myself (Cristian’s will be on mentalism, while mine will be on cooking) and put something in a bag, a bottle of water, a kilogram of sugar, a box of chocolates, some canned pineapple compote, some salami, a ball of cheese, anything you want and find appropriate for the meal or for the surroundings of some seniors. We will collect everything you donate and we’ll take the packages to a daycare center (God help us, maybe more) frequented by seniors with very little resources but with the same needs of any person over a certain age.

Cristian Gog with mess with your head, I will try to mess with your taste and ideas on food, and together with the friends from the Cluj online community (there will be almost 50 bloggers from Cluj who volunteered for a nice idea) we will try to persuade you to donate enough for 50 packages. At least 50 packages, for 50 grandparents. I wholeheartedly thank all the bloggers writing about this and I promise to include here the links as soon as the articles appear (not to mention that they can put the links themselves in the comment section, I won’t get mad, on the contrary). Stay healthy.
The following have written about this: TVdece, Cristian Gog, Raluca, Dan Ciulea, Zăineasca, Ștefan Teișanu, Râsul ca medicament, Daniel Rus, Nicu Bendea, Andrei Eftimie, Radio Cluj, Lorand, Vasile Manu, Alexandra Crăciun, Marius Perijoc, Foaia, Alex Bartis, Psaico, Groparu, Ovidiu Blag, Sigina, Radu Neag, Clon, City News, Kookool, Andrei Crivăț,


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