Crepes from Banat


Those who know will understand why I posted this recipe now. The other will appreciate, I hope, a tasty, downright delicious dessert, which I dedicate to Eugen, because he wanted something with vanilla cream. The crepes from Banat have vanilla sauce, a sauce that can turn into a cream if you leave it to cook for two extra minutes. But there’s a long way to go to the sauce, meaning an entire set of simple operations, so simple that even a 10 year old can do them. Here goes: I need eggs. One for the dough (I made ten large pancakes), four for the filling and five for the vanilla sauce.

clatite banatene 01

For the filling, I used cottage cheese, half a kilogram.
clatite banatene 02

For my dessert to taste like vanilla, I used vanilla flavored sugar after the Bourbon method (I store the sugar in an airtight jar with a few vanilla pods). Six full tablespoons.
clatite banatene 03

Three cups of flour, for the crepes.
clatite banatene 04

The zest from a lemon added flavor to the dough and to the filling.
clatite banatene 05

I mixed the flour with a glass of milk (250 ml), a pinch of salt, one egg and a teaspoon of sugar.
clatite banatene 06

To make the crepes fluffy, I used sparkling water, also a glass. The carbon dioxide rises and airs the composition. I don’t use baking soda because of its taste and because it oxidizes the composition.
clatite banatene 07

I baked the crepes and then I let them rest for a while.
clatite banatene 10

For the filling, I mixed the cheese with four egg yolks, a handful of raisins, three tablespoons of sugar and lemon zest. I also squeezed the juice from half a lemon over the cheese.
clatite banatene 08

For the vanilla sauce, I mixed five egg yolk with the rest of the vanilla sugar and a cup of cream.
clatite banatene 11 I whipped the egg whites with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of simple sugar, no vanilla.

clatite banatene 09

I filled the crepes and rolled them.

clatite banatene 14

I put egg white foam over each crepe, I placed all of them in a tray and then I threw them in the pre-heated oven for four minutes.

clatite banatene 15

Meanwhile, I put the yolks whisked with sugar and mixed with cream in a double bottom pot, on low heat. I stirred continuously, until the sauce thickened (be careful, the heat has to be very low, or you can obtain a sweet omelette). All this business with the sauce can take 6-7 minutes, but it’s worth it.

clatite banatene 13

A short time before finishing the sauce, I took the crepes out of the oven. The foam on top had browned nicely.

clatite banatene 16

I ate the crepes while they were still warm.

clatite banatene 17Stay healthy.
clatite banatene 18


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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