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Almost everyone is campaigning for something at the end of the year. In our culture there will follow a few weeks in which the grass won’t even grow, when it will at most rest under the snow, waiting for warmer weather. I don’t like most campaigns, some are alright but I don’t empathize with them and others touch me, pushing me to act. Sometimes, the campaigns that I choose to support or the ones in which I decide to become involved intersect. This is what happened this time. The Nepoți de Crăciun (Grandchildren for Christmas) campaign ( was on is final stage, that with putting together the packages for the seniors in Cluj daycare centers. Two days before raising funds/goods in Polus, I receive an email informing me that Eurovita has this campaign which I find not only nice, but also useful: you go to, you donate a photo or a positive thought for a senior and Eurovita transforms your gesture in ten real vitamins that reach a senior who needs them. There are over 7000 vitamins raised so far. There are three more days in which you can contribute with good thoughts expressed through photos or words.

tiberiu matei

Now, let me tell you how the two campaigns intersected: I was asked one condition for my involvement in the Eurovita campaign. My condition, which was expressed as a polite request, was for Eurovita to donate some real vitamins to the Nepoți de Crăciun/Grandchildren for Christmas campaign. This actually happened, which brought me joy.
I was thinking about writing a nice text about this, to give you an example of a thought to upload on, in case you decided to convert your thoughts into vitamins. Then I did some thinking and realized that each of you has or had a grandfather, a grandmother, a favorite aunt or, of course, parents who seem to be in a jury to leave or who have done so already, dear people we don’t tell enough how important they are to us, that we would want them closer or that we would at least like to know they’re well. I’m convinced you know what to do without me giving you examples and suggestions. Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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