Thank you very much, Cluj!


Update: thanks to a generous donation from a humanitarian foundation (Ioana Micu told me they don’t want publicity, that’s why they prefer to stay anonymous), we could extend today’s action. After we went by the two daycare centers in Cluj, we went to a senior home and a children daycare center, where we distributed over 100 kilograms of Italian pasta, UHT milk and sweets. It was a really good day. Merry Christmas.
Last night I went to Polus Center (the dear children from the Marketing department have also donated a bunch of goods for grandparents, thank you so much, kisses), in the food court area, together with Cristian Gog, Florica and Zicu from TVDece, Zăineasca, Anda Călinici, Ioana Micu, Dan Ciulea, Daniel Rus, Raluca Crișan, my Raluca and some Studcard volunteers (if I forgot to mention anyone, I apologize). Cristian walked through the tables and shared magic, I shared homemade shawarma (I would have liked more people to approach my table, but it’s alright, next time we’ll set camp in front of the supermarket so that people won’t be able to avoid us) and chops with sautéed spinach. The volunteers of the project Nepoți de Crăciun/Grandchildren for Christmas distributed empty bags and the people receiving them filled them with what they considered appropriate. Today we’ll take them to the daycare centers frequented by the elderly with no financial possibilities. We planned to gather 50 packages, we managed to gather 100. I want to thank all of you, those who wrote about this action, the participants and the persons who put a bag of anything in the carts of the volunteers. Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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