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Today, Barilla, the number 1 pasta in Italy, has offered us another gift. This durum wheat pasta is accompanied by the recommendation of serving them al dente, meaning slightly resisting the bite. For this to happen, you need to boil it for as long as the pack mentions and keep it for 2-3 minutes in the warm sauce you want to serve it with. For today I prepared another meatless recipe, but with penne. Penne with fresh pesto.

penne 1

It’s appropriate to mention that pesto isn’t just the pesto alla Genovese, but pesto is the name of any paste made of more or less aromatic herbs, a paste that can contain mushrooms, truffles, pine nuts, nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, hard cheese, oil and other ingredients.

penne 2

Today’s recipe (for four) involves two large bunches of parsley, a bunch of ramson (12 leaves), a big handful of fresh spinach, the juice from one lemon, 150 ml of water, 150 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 50 grams of walnuts, salt to taste.


For the pesto to remain green and nice, fresh from the viewpoint of its color, scald all the leaves for half a minute and then put them in cold water.


Drain the water, chop them coarsely with a knife and put them in a blender. Add the cold water, the oil, the nuts, the salt and the lemon juice. Turn them into a paste.


Boil the pasta as indicated on the pack. Once they are boiled, transfer them in a skillet, over the hot sauce.


Stir well. Make sure the pasta is covered and filled with sauce, becoming delicious bites.


If you feel like it, you can add Parmesan or other type of hard cheese over the pasta.


Stay healthy.



Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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