Ramson cream soup


Ramson (wild garlic, bear’s garlic) is in full season now. You can find it in the market place, but it grows in forest glades and outskirts. It has a fine garlic taste and spear-shaped leaves. You can store it frozen and it’s good in soups, sauces accompanying lamb or cream soups, such as the one that I received from Mircea Groza a few days ago. I ate the soup, I took pictures of the product (to have proof) and I sorted the “making of” photos of the process, which was handled by Mircea. Something has to come out for you too from this story. If I were you, I would take advantage of today’s recipe, as ramson is a virtuous ingredient.
Ramson, like any leaf, must be thoroughly washed, under running water.

Steam eat for a few minutes, until it softens (in aa sieve place over a pot with boiling water).

This method has certain advantages. On one hand, the vitamins aren’t diluted into the water (only a part of them are), and on the other hand, the color remains green.

The ramson goes through the grounding machine and the vegetables (except the green onions and the garlic) are washed/cleaned/boiled in water.

The vegetables cut into cubes, the chopped green onions and garlic are sautéed together, then covered with meat broth or water. Let them boil.

Add the ramson and sour cream mixed with a spoon of flour, then turn off the stove.

Purée the soup, either manually or with the blender.

Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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