1st of May barbecue – you have plenty of options


The only truly unpleasant thing about the 1st of May is that this time it falls on a Sunday. Of course, the optimists will easily get past this, training today and tomorrow in order to start the 1st of May already half full of… joy and enthusiasm. For the pessimists, I only have one thought: the 1st of May will also come next year and, with a little bit of luck, it will fall in a Tuesday. For all of us, I have many thoughts concerning the 1st of May barbecue, which, according to TV news, is similar to the holy grail, everyone looking for it, everyone wanting to put something on the grill on the occasion of workers’ day, everyone craving for “mici” or at least grilled scruff or some chicken drumsticks on a disk (in the areas where people used to make agriculture and where there were tractors that could be left with no disks). I don’t know if I will have a barbecue on the 1st of May (I didn’t plan it, I was invited and I hope I will be able to make it), but I know for sure I can help you with a few ideas. So, apart from the below photos, you will also see some links to posts on barbecues of various types, of various meats.
If you’re looking for something oriental, look at the post with kafta and hummus.

The grill bomb. It’s really dangerous, so I recommend you make this sort of thing just once a year.

If you fancy grilled veal, you can get an idea from here. Here, another idea.

For fans of the disk, here’s a flounder recipe. It can be applied on other fish.

I don’t know about you, but I really like grilled chicken.

I bet you can still find lamb somewhere. I also bet some of you like grilled lamb.

Grilled ribs can make a good choice.

If you look over the “dry stuff” chapter of this blog, you will find at least ten other ways to grill meat. Stay healthy and enjoy this episode of Cook’n’Rolla added online about this time a year ago. Stay healthy.

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