Pasta with zucchini


I haven’t cooked much with meat this week. It happens, especially during summer, to eat more fruit and vegetables during week days and compensate with a lot of grilled meat during the weekend. Don’t ask why this is happening, it just is. I don’t feel the need to have an explanation for everything, especially since meatless food turns out rather fine. This time, I will show you some pasta with zucchini (which, yes, are a type of courgette, but they’re different from the courgettes grown in the countryside by our aunts, so I will call them…zucchini). I used macaroni. Because they have a hole and a tunnel. They gather sauce, which is good.

I grated some parmesan. The vegetable peeler is a tool with various functions.

I smeared a tray with oil, I placed on it some thin slices of zucchini, over which I put the parmesan. I sprinkled a pinch of coarse salt over everything and I put the tray into the oven. Ten minutes, 180-190 degrees Celsius.

I put the macaroni to boil in water with a bit of salt.

I put crushed (and peeled) tomatoes in a skillet, along with two-three cloves of garlic and a few basil leaves. I let it boil.

The zucchini slices are baked/grated. I removed them from their tray and I introduced them to the sauce.

I added the boiled pasta over the sauce and stirred.

…and stirred.

Simple, tasty, efficient, quick. 12 minutes in total. Stay healthy!


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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