Today’s breakfast


Today’s post isn’t a recipe, but an idea. The soothing idea of a great start of the day. With a cup of black coffee, a bit of bread, fried eggs with no oil (boiled eggs are healthier but today  can afford to indulge), a salad with tomatoes from Turda, with olives from God knows where and a bit of olive oil, with telemea (Romanian traditional cheese) over which I sprinkled a few dry herbs (oregano, basil). Breakfast is a promise to myself, a promise that the day will be a good one. I like to keep promises or at least fight for them until the end. I shouldn’t be fighting today, but I have to make sure this will be a good day. Tonight I’m cooking for 90 people five different course. (Let’s all) stay healthy.


I almost forgot, as I have a lot on my mind, but I have to tell you this: if there’s anything I regret regarding the next weekend, it’s the fact that I can’t participate at Cluj Brands Tour, an event organized by Alina and Răzvan from TVDece. They invited a group of bloggers from the entire country to make a different tour of the city of Cluj-Napoca, a tour of the city’s most famous brands. Whether we like them or not, the brands are in Cluj and they’re successful. Someone has been working on this success (oops, success doesn’t just happen, it is earned) and I, for one, appreciate the efforts of those working for Cluj brands and also the efforts of the TVDece staff for promoting these brands. I will mention them: Banca Transilvania, Napolact, Vitacom, Farmec, Jolidon, Ursus, Trilulilu. The partners of this tour are Best Western Plus Fusion Hotel, Autonom, Ludwig Bavarian Bierhaus, Starbucks and Webfactor.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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