Vegetable cream soup


Vegetable cream soups are despised and underrated by many of our fellow citizens. I can’t seem to understand their reasons. I find them incredible, easy to make and to balance and a good way for man and vegetable to become friends. Today, I have for you a vegetable cream soup recipe that is slightly different from those posted on the blog so far. Here goes:

crema de legume

For four servings, you need 100 grams of carrots, 100 grams of celery, 50 grams of parsley roots, 50 grams of leek, 50 grams of white onions, 20 grams of garlic, 150 grams of potatoes, 100 milliliters of cream, salt, pepper, a few mint leaves, a few leaves of fresh basil, a few leaves of fresh parsley.

 crema de legume

The vegetables, cut and chopped into cubes/slices, are put to boil in 2 liters of water with the spices and the herbs. After all the vegetables are boiled, pour the water in a large bowl, blend the vegetables and add the water in which they boiled until you obtain a fluid, creamy texture. Add the cream only before serving the soup. Garnish with croutons and a bit of olive oil next to 2-3 leaves of basil or oregano. Stay healthy.

crema de legume


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Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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