Grandchildren for Christmas 5


The Grandchildren for Christmas charity action reached its fifth edition. This says something about the determination of the people who have been organizing it in the last five years (by the way, I was happy to see Dan Ciulea and Cristi Gog last night, they were in Bucharest on business) and it also says something about the Cluj community that somehow manages to become more and more involved with each year.
It’s difficult to write more without complimenting someone and I don’t think this should be the topic of my short article. Actually, perhaps it would be better to stop at presenting you the opportunity of doing a good deed, once more. Here’s how things stand:


From the 100 packages with gifts for the elderly from daycare centers in Cluj-Napoca that were gathered in 20120, the number rose to 1000 in the fourth edition. This year’s target is slightly more ambitious, namely gathering 1500 packages to be distributed to ALL of the elderly from daycare centers in Cluj. How can you get involved? By donating food or money to buy them, of course. Go to Polus on Sunday (December the 14th) and make a contribution with whatever you can. You’ll feel better. Stay healthy!


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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