Steak with vegetables and mushrooms


Yesterday I had guests. I put some food together, in order to recover. Not that I hadn’t cooked where I went, but home is home and, plus, I need some time to get used to the geography of my own kitchen again. To be more precise, I needed time, because I handled this issue yesterday.

I used four pieces of scruff (one per person) which I took out of the fridge one hour before starting cooking, making sure the muscle unwinds. I used a big handful of small and firm champignon mushrooms.

As an accompaniment of the above mentioned ingredients, I used three-four green onions, a red onion, a carrot, some green parsley and two teaspoons of hot pepper paste.

First, I put the meat in a non-stick skillet and I lightly browned it on each side, just to seal its pores.
Not more than that.

After I removed the meat from the skillet, I put in it the whole mushrooms, the grossly chopped onion and the carrot cut in an angle, to obtain a larger surface of the slices. A larger surface involves greater exposure to heat and shorter cooking time. I added to the skillet a cup of water and a set the temperature to high. For 8-10 minutes.

I added the pepper paste, I put the meat over the vegetables and I kept the skillet on the stove, with the lid on, for another 5-6 minutes.

I made a salad from a few types of leaves mixed with finely chopped carrots, goat cheese, cold pressed sunflower seed oil and balsamic vinegar.

This is for those of you who are fasting: potatoes boiled in skin, then baked with salt and pepper, next to baked cherry tomatoes, all splashed with sunflower seed oil.
Something like this:
When it was done, we ate, we splashed it with Bordeaux wine and we emptied the bottle of pineau that Remus gave us (thank you, Remus :)).
Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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