Grilled pork scruff


You would say making grilles scruff is easy. Of course it is. Well, if it’s that easy, how do you explain the fact that (probably) the most popular grilled meat for Romanians is often like a shoe sole, dry and very hard to eat, especially if found in the public system? Where’s the rupture, what’s the cause?
I think there are numerous causes. The most common one is probably pounding the scruff with a meat mallet. The fiber is broken, the juices are lost and the meat dries. Another cause is excessive roasting and, not least, turning it from one side to the other tens of times, while the meat is on the grill. For many of you, today’s post doesn’t bring anything new. However, I feel the need to exemplify how to make a decent grilled scruff through images:
It’s alright if the meat is 1,5-2 centimeters thick.

If next the meat you have vegetables, as many (types) as possible, it’s even better.

If you put the meat on the hot grill, without first pounding it, and if you keep it there for ten minutes, turning it two times maximum, it’s again alright. You will get a juice and well sufficiently roasted scruff.

On the vegetables, on a future episode. For now, just photos.

With all the preparations (washing, cleaning, cutting), it takes a quarter of an hour for a delicious and rather balanced lunch.

Seasoning? Salt and pepper, sprinkled on the food after placing it on the plate.

Stay healthy.


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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