Potato cream soup with goat kefir


Mondays and Tuesdays are days with no meat in our menu. This week’s meatless menu looks like this:
Pesto and cheese croissant, chicory with milk
Scrambled eggs with green onions and dill
Gnocchi with chanterelles Hungarian stew
Vegetable stew with micro greens
Salad with grilled cheese
Vegetable soup
Of course, I can’t show you the recipes, I didn’t cook the food yesterday to have the photos today. But I can compensate with other ideas of meatless recipes that I made and ate last week. Today, I present to you the potato cream soup that I enjoyed so much that I will include it very soon in a restaurant menu. For four servings, you need half a kilo of potato, one large carrot or two smaller ones, thyme or brotherwort, one bell pepper and a few leaves of parsley.

Peel the washed vegetables and chop them in not too large but not too small pieces. Put them in a pot together with the aromatic herbs. Sprinkle a bit of pepper and salt over them, not too much. Put them to boil in two liters of water.

Here you see some sunflower seeds, roasted at home, sprinkled with plenty of salted water. I used them as a spice if you will, as their salty nut flavor complemented the cream soup very well. This is why I didn’t add too much salt in the beginning.

floarea soarelui

After the vegetables were boiled, I added a teaspoon of butter over them.


I poured in the pot two tablespoons of kefir and I mixed with a blender.


I garnished with extra virgin olive oil, parsley seeds and roasted salty sunflower seeds.

crema e cartofi

It was the best potato cream soup I made so far.

cremă de cartofi

Stay healthy.

crema de cartofi


Special thanks to
Oana Bodnariuc, Authorized Translator

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